Woodrose International School uses English as its medium of instruction in most of the subjects.  We follow the Cambridge Curriculum and by teaching Portuguese, History and Geography of Mozambique we aim to foster nationalism among our students.

We admit students based mainly on the result of their written and oral assessment tests, report card from the previous school and parents acknowledgement of the school’s policies.

Applicants must submit the following:

  1. Photocopy of birth certificate / passport or ID (parents and child).
  2. 2 copies of passport size photos
  3. Duly filled in registration form
  1. Reports card from the previous school if necessary.
  2. Students who are interested to enroll in our Pre-Primary Department must be:
  • Nursery –  at least 1 year and 8 months.
  • Preparatory –  at least  2 years and 8 months
  • Kinder 1—at least 4 years old
  • Kinder 2– at least 5 years old

School Uniform

The school uniform serves as our identity.  You need to wear it with pride, confidence and modesty.  Proper uniforms includes the white shirt, orange skirt, black school shoes and white socks for girls.  White shirt, orange trousers, black school shoes and white socks for boys.  School Uniform must be worn every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

During Wednesday, you must come in your sports uniform.  Fridays are casual attire days.  And since you are coming to a learning institution, you are strongly discouraged not to wear/have the following:

  • Mini skirts, mini shorts, back less, hanging or mid-rib tops, tubes and spaghetti strap or blouses with plunging necklines .
  • Beach slippers
  • Make-up, lipstick, eye liner, nail polish, eye shadows and the like.
  • Tattoos
  • Nose pierce, eyebrow pierce, multiple earrings and funky pierce.
  • Fancy hairstyles for boys. (Boys must have clean neat hair cut.)
  • Bold and fancy hair colors for girls. (Girls must braid/ tie their hair neatly and in as much as possible must avoid having hair extensions.)