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During olden days, good education in Mozambique was only for the privileged ones.  Those with political or economic power were the only ones who could afford to either send their children abroad or enroll them in a very expensive international school. Love for the country and passion to cater to the need of the children in Mozambique gave birth to Woodrose International School. We aim to provide quality education that would suffice the need of an ordinary person who wishes to enroll his or her child/children in our institution. We, at Woodrose International School are committed in providing an education that addresses all aspects of growth, being physical, intellectual, moral or social.  Our primary concern is to offer an education which is humanistic in spirit, global in perspective and equipped with tools which will allow our children to be globally competent. We believe that every child should have equal opportunities to succeed in life, and every child has its unique abilities, it’s our responsibility to create a platform for those qualities to surface. Boasting on our multi-cultural community, Woodrose International School is now the second home for more than 200 students and teachers from all over the world and we are committed to always keep on growing with quality and firm determination.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]