Winners of this year’s Camp!

Champion – Orange Tigers Team Leader – Samantha 1st Place – Red Falcons Team Leaders – Shaun and Abel 2nd Place – Green Cobras Team Leader – Joel

Camping 2015 Games

Games are physical or mental activity that have rules to follow that develop the physical and mental ability of an individual and as the same time it teach sportsmanship and cooperation. It also develop camaraderie and bonds the group as well.  

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Based on our school evaluation each year our students primarily in Kindergarten are graduated to enter the new world of the Primary Level, with broader wings to soar high. The school felicitates the Honor Students with Medals, Certificates and Behavioral Awards.

Field trip

We at Woodrose International School believe that learning must not only be confined in the four corners of the classroom and the best way for the students to learn about life is through hands on experiences. Knowing their community by heart will help them appreciate more what is in their books. Our educational trips include… Continue a ler Field trip


As part of our aim to develop a “wholistic” individual, Woodrose International School makes sure that students are not only academically good but also physically healthy.   Sports activities such as swimming, martial arts, basketball, volleyball and football are available for the students to choose from. We also encourage student to participate board games such as… Continue a ler Sports